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Where can I find SRM notes?

You can find SRM notes in

Where can I find SRM eLab solutions C language?

You can find SRM Elab solutions at

Can we use laptops, iPads, or tablets in classes for taking notes at SRM Kattankulathur Campus?

Yes, you can. It depends on which department you belong to. If you are in CSE, IT, SOFTWARE, you will be allowed.

From where can I get previous years' semester papers and notes for the CS and ECE department at SRM University?

You can easily find the previous year's paper and notes for the CS and ECE department at

SRM Elab solutions?

How can I reach SRM main campus from Chennai Central Railway Station?

You can reach SRM main campus in two ways-

Option 1

From the central station ( Moore Market complex, if you are new to Chennai, it's a 7 storied building …next to the colonial red building ), you will see an elevated pathway leading you to the opposite side of the road, on reach the other side, ask for PARK STATION or just follow the majority of the crowd. Get a ticket for Potheri or Guduvancherry (it should cost you rs.15 or less) see that you get on trains towards Guduvancherry. Not all trains go there. Make sure you ask the timing of the next train to Guduvancherry. Get down at POTHERI station. The campus is opposite the station.

Option 2

Get on a bus from the central station to Broadway. Almost all bus in the route goes there, it's the biggest bus terminus near the central railway station, you get on any bus towards Guduvancherry. The bus will drop you near SRM.

Note- depending on the time that you travel, the bus may less slightly more time but the frequency of buses are higher than that of trains.

I would suggest first check for the train's timing and if you see that you have to wait for more than 1 hr, go for option 2 (in case you are in hurry ).

Don't go for Autorickshaw, it will be costlier.