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35+ Most important Question asked in Autodesk Test and Interview ! Have a look


    What would you say is your top non-technical skill that will help you succeed in this role here at Autodesk?


    As a software architect at Autodesk, you will be relied upon to be the bridge to between the business and technical side of the organization. Your work my be relied upon to work within many silos of the organization. Because of this need, your interviewer is asking you to dig deep inside of yourself and talk about what you feel is your greatest skill to help you do this that is outside of your technical ability. As you prepare for this question, there are many ways that you can answer. No matter how you answer, be sure that your answer relates to your ability to work with other people in some way, shape or form.


    What do you know about our products and how do you think you'll be able to handle a support role surrounding them?

    This question allows your interviewer to gain insight into both your interest in this position and the skills that you will be able to bring to the table. To show your interest, be sure to do as much research on Autodesk as possible and get to know their products. Ensuring that you know the job description from front to back is important as well. Then, talk about how you feel that your skills will apply to working with end users that are contacting about the software.

    The next cloud engineer that we hire here at Autodesk needs to be able build a system that can handle a high amount of traffic. How would you test our system's ability to handle large amounts of traffic?

    This question allows your interviewer to gain insight into your thought process and ability surrounding building a cloud network that has an architecture that can handle large amounts of traffic without failure. Some key points to focus on your answer are your ability to match capacity to system demand and use horizontal scaling in the design of the system.

    Q: What is AutoCAD?

    A: AutoCAD is a software application developed by Autodesk for automated computer-aided drawing. It provides design and shape for products that need to be created and has flexible and user-friendly features with tools to design applications and document workflows.

    Q: What are the responsibilities of CAD technicians and AutoCAD craftsmen?

    A: CAD technicians work with both 3D and 2D styles, known respectively as solid and surface modeling, to draw representations of designs. AutoCAD craftsmen transform AutoCAD drawings into 3D drawings and perform other duties like checking plans for completeness and accuracy, making necessary calculations for drawing development, repair, assembly, and detailed drawings, and preparing built drawings within the prescribed computer sheet given by the client or consultant.

    Q: What are the benefits of using AutoCAD?

    A: AutoCAD saves time, increases productivity, streamlines design and documentation workflows, and allows for quick creation of 3D prototypes.

    Q: How can you remove empty layers from an AutoCAD drawing?

    A: Empty layers can be removed only when the object resides in layers at one place. The empty layers cannot be deleted by the purge if the layer is frozen on a viewport or referenced by an object in a block definition. Using the export command, it is possible to remove the layer from the drawing, which results in creating a DXF file of the drawing. You can edit the DXF file in a text editor and rename it the instances of layers in the file and accept the layer definition.

    Q: How many units are available in AutoCAD?

    A: AutoCAD has five units: architectural feet and inches, decimals, engineering inches, fractional, and scientific 10e form.

    Q: How can you hide particular layers when plotting an AutoCAD drawing?

    A: To hide specific layers when plotting, you can turn off the layers for plotting or freeze the layers. Turning off the layers for plotting shows the layers on the screen but won't output on printing. The layers that are turned off can hide the layers and also won't appear on the screen.

    Q: What is the default size of an AutoCAD graphics window?

    A: The default size of an AutoCAD graphics window is 12 times 9 inches or 12 times 12 millimeters.

    Q: What is the default grid spacing in both X and Y directions?

    A: The default grid spacing in each grid is 10 in both directions. It can be altered by right-clicking on the grid button at the bottom of the screen, and a grid settings dialog box will appear.

    Q: What are the variations present within AutoCAD's features?

    A: AutoCAD has variations in its features, including 3D capabilities for creation, visualization, and rendering of 3D objects, management and automation capabilities for the entire process of creation, customization that doesn't support LISP, ARX, and VBA, and network licensing for multiple machines over the network.

    Q: How can you assign keyboard characters or function keys to AutoCAD commands?

    A: To assign keyboard characters, run "qui," expand "Keyboard Shortcuts," and click on the toggle ortho. Go to the properties access keys and click and enter F4 to assign the keyboard characters.

    Q: How can you create a user interface in AutoCAD?

    A: A user interface can be created in AutoCAD using command prompts to draw the plots and dialog boxes.

    Here are some examples of coding questions that are similar to what may be asked in an Autodesk coding test:

    Coding Questions :

    1. Write a program to find the sum of all prime numbers between 1 and N.
    2. Implement a function to reverse a singly linked list.
    3. Given an array of integers, write a program to find the maximum sum of any contiguous subarray.
    4. Implement a binary search algorithm for a sorted array of integers.
    5. Write a program to check whether a given string is a palindrome or not.
    6. Given two strings, write a program to check whether they are anagrams of each other.
    7. Implement a function to merge two sorted arrays into a single sorted array.
    8. Write a program to find the factorial of a given number using recursion.
    9. Implement a function to check whether a given binary tree is a binary search tree.
    10. Given a string, write a program to find the longest substring that contains only unique characters.


    Most Frequently Asked Technical Interviews questions : 

    1. What is the difference between stack and queue? Answer: Stack is a linear data structure in which the last element inserted is the first element to be removed. Queue is also a linear data structure in which the first element inserted is the first element to be removed.

    2. What is an abstract class? Answer: An abstract class is a class that cannot be instantiated and is used as a base class for other classes. It contains one or more abstract methods, which are methods that have no implementation and must be implemented by the subclasses.

    3. What is a binary search? Answer: Binary search is an algorithm used to search for a specific element in a sorted array or list by repeatedly dividing the search interval in half.

    4. What is the difference between SQL and NoSQL? Answer: SQL (Structured Query Language) is a relational database management system, while NoSQL (Not only SQL) is a non-relational database management system. SQL databases are based on tables, with a fixed schema, while NoSQL databases are document-based, key-value based, or graph-based.

    5. What is the difference between a compiler and an interpreter? Answer: A compiler is a program that translates source code into object code or executable code before execution. An interpreter is a program that directly executes the source code line by line.

    6. What is a pointer in C++? Answer: A pointer in C++ is a variable that stores the memory address of another variable. It allows you to manipulate the value of the variable indirectly, by accessing its memory address.

    7. What is polymorphism in OOP? Answer: Polymorphism is a concept in object-oriented programming that allows objects of different types to be treated as if they were of the same type. It is achieved through inheritance, method overriding, and method overloading.

    8. What is a join in SQL? Answer: A join in SQL is used to combine rows from two or more tables based on a related column between them. There are different types of joins such as inner join, left join, right join, and full outer join.

    9. What is recursion in programming? Answer: Recursion is a programming technique in which a function calls itself in order to solve a problem. It is commonly used for tasks that can be broken down into smaller sub-tasks, such as sorting or searching.

    10. What is the difference between a static and dynamic website? Answer: A static website is a website that has fixed content and is served to the user as it is, while a dynamic website is a website that generates content on the fly, based on user input or other dynamic factors.

    11. What is an algorithm?
      Answer: An algorithm is a set of instructions designed to solve a specific problem.

    12. What is object-oriented programming?
      Answer: Object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm based on the concept of objects, which can contain data and code.

    13. What is a data structure?
      Answer: A data structure is a way of organizing and storing data in a computer so that it can be accessed and used efficiently.

    14. What is a database? Answer: A database is a collection of data that is organized in a specific way, usually in tables, and can be accessed, managed, and updated using a database management system.

    15. What is a linked list? Answer: A linked list is a linear data structure in which each element (node) contains a pointer to the next element in the list.

    16. What is an API? Answer: An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols, routines, and tools for building software applications.

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